Inventory Management


Arrow Flow Solutions utilizes several inventory management methods. AFS consults with the customer to accurately understand their requirements resulting in reducing the uncertainty that arises when the supplier is blind to the customer’s inventory status.

Vendor Managed Inventory provides a mutually beneficial relationship where the distributor assumes the role of inventory planning for the customer. Extensive information sharing is required so that the manufacturer/distributor can maintain a high degree of visibility of its goods at the customer’s location.

Jointly Managed Inventory (JMI) is a much more detailed extension of VMI but the goals and premise are quite similar. It takes the foundation from which the relationship has already been built and fine-tunes it. This partnership involves increased tactical planning between the supplier and customer when developing JMI. This should include, but is not limited to, the customer integrating the supplier into the customer’s internal system. 

Kanban is a Lean manufacturing system that utilizes a technique to keep inventory levels as low as possible.

Arrow Flow Solutions is available to discuss any of these systems that interest your company. AFS will also welcome any customized program requirements you need.


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